Regional Passport Agencies

Passport Agencies afford US citizens with a swift and convenient avenue to travel overseas on short notice while short on travel documentation.
Currently, there are 26 regional passport agencies across America offering ample travel document provisions services for a variety of reasons to fly to overseas destinations either for emergency medical purposes of business responsibilities.

Application for travel documents at a Passport Agency

Before registering for a passport through your nearest passport agency, you will be expected to make an appointment with the National Passport Information Center through their help desk hotline 877-487-2778. In order to get the green light for application, you will be obligated to provide sufficient evidence explaining why you will require a passport urgently.

Through the same process, you will need to provide a valid flight itinerary indicating departure is within 14 days in case you already have a travel visa. In case you don’t have a travel a visa may be awarded a passport if the itinerary shows your date of departure is within four weeks.

Collection of travel documentation.
The normal waiting period for a passport through the application from your Passport Agency is after 8 working days. The documentation will be sent to the residential address presented in the application form; however, there are provisions for individuals with increased urgency.

The U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE BUREAU OF CONSULAR AFFAIRS offers individuals who are required to travel in less than 8 business days or persons with documentation showing the need to receive immediate medical care with a short waiting period. Such individuals will pay a higher registration fee for the purpose of having their requests to be processed quickly; additionally, they will be expected to collect their documentation from the passport agency close to them.