Procedures of Getting a Passport in Wichita

A passport is a very important travel document. You need this easily recognized document when you enter a country and return to your homeland. Governments around the world identify you and authorize your travels with the help of a passport.

People living in and around Wichita can get passports following a few steps. Read on to know where and how you can get a passport in Wichita.

Where and how to apply for a passport

If you live in Wichita, you will find a few stations in and around the city where you can apply for a new passport. You will be able to get things done in a relatively easy way if you go to the post office in Downtown Wichita where the centralized passport station is located. In order to get a passport, just complete the following steps:

Step 1

They will give you a Form DS 11 for every person in your family. Just fill the forms and print them, but do not make the mistake of signing them! The forms must be signed in front of a witness. Minors need to be with legal guardians while applying in-person.

Step 2

The second step is to gather documents that will support your application. You will need several documents while applying. Those documents include a properly filled DS 11 form, proof of identity, photocopy of the identification document, evidence of US citizenship, and a passport photo.

If the passport is for a minor under the age of 16, the procedure requires another document and that is parents’ or guardians’ proof of relationship to the child.

Step 3

Some passport offices accept walk-ins and some require appointments. Know the location of the office and meet the people in charge of handling the documents. You can pay the necessary fees by check, money order or credit card. But keep in mind that you can not use debit or credit cards to pay fees required by the US Department of State. You have to use your checkbook to pay these fees.

Renewal of a passport

When you apply for a new passport, you have to deal with a lot of formalities. But it is much easier to renew a passport. If your passport is not very urgent, you don’t even need to appear in person. After filling out a form and gathering your documents, just send them and relax! However, if you need to travel within 2 weeks, it is important to appear in person.

Correction of a passport

Your passport may contain various types of errors. Maybe your name is misspelled, your gender is wrong or the pages are not in the correct order.

If you find errors in your passport, don’t worry. You can get it corrected in an easy way. To do it, you have to fill out passport form DS 5504. Write a letter explaining the error. Provide a new passport photo if more than three months have passed since the current passport was issued. Then submit the form, the letter, and the passport photo. If it has been less than three months, you need to send the documents to the previous agency.

Where to get a passport photo

It is a good idea to get your photo taken when you apply in person. It will cost you some money but save your valuable time. You can also do it yourself. You can use your own camera, or even your phone camera to do the job. In that case, make sure that the resolution is high enough. Follow the guidelines and crop the photos to the correct dimensions. You can also consider on-site USPS passport photos.


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